Tech specifications EU (US)

  • Length – 1180mm (46.5)
  • Width – 235m (9.25)
  • Wheelbase – 815mm (32) / 835mm (32.9) / 855mm (33.7)
  • Concave – 8mm (0.3)
  • Rocker – 3mm (0.1)
  • Tail – 97.5mm (3.8) (from outermost bolt) @ 8°
  • Weight –

Variable wheelbases, medium flex

Three ply vertically laminated bamboo, quad-axial fibreglass

For when your feet feel like grooving and your rolling dance floor needs to grow! This surfy cruiser is larger yet similar in function to the Freeride Topmount for its symmetric shape, long and narrow double-kicks. With more mellow concave and rocker, it encourages the rider for flatland tricks, riding the nose, cross steps and pirouettes. Enjoy an awesome bouncy flex thanks to the reinforced fibreglass and three vertical laminated bamboo cores.